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7 types of loans or foreclosures

&Nbsp;1. borrowing people income situation occurred changes, on its repayment capacity produced major effect;
 2. borrowing people refused to or block handling bank on its payments situation and the loan using situation for supervision check;
 3. borrowing people will loan for national legal and financial regulations clear ban of project;
 4. borrowing people provides false file, and information or other false information, against bank credit security;
&Nbsp;5. borrowing people continuous two period not returned loan interest;
 6. borrowing people occurred effect its claims debt capacity of event (as involved into litigation, and arbitration or other administrative, and legal disputes) or lack claims debt sincerity;
 7. borrowing people death, and missing or lost civil capacity;
  also, other Bank think may damage credit security of situation, also has may recovered loan.

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