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Do you want to know why your loan is rejected?

&Nbsp;   one reason: when bad credit
    to apply for a loan, lenders will first review the borrower's personal credit report, if found to have bad credit occurs, the loan application is likely wasted.
    two reasons: credit gap
    someone said bad credit be denied loans can understand why blank credit will be denied loans at all? Because the lender is relying on personal credit is good or bad, to determine the borrower's repayment will, if blank, they won't judge vouchers, in order to control risk, lenders more cautious.
    reason: no bank water Bank payroll
    water is one of the important information on loans, without it, not only the choice of loan products will be restricted, loan applications may also fell through.
    four reasons: income too low
    If the borrower's income is too low, the loan application is rejected, because in the eyes of lenders, loans, once released, most likely "spilt milk".
    five reasons: high
    liabilities in accordance with the provisions, personal 50% old and new monthly payment cannot exceed the monthly income, exceeded this proportion, it is difficult to credit.
    reason six: the working hours are too short
    so far, most loans require the borrower to their units for three months or six months, if the time is too short, loan will be rejected.
of course, in addition to the above reasons, the borrower's age, profession and other reasons may also become loan rejections, so must understand clearly the loan before loan requirements, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles.

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