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Student loan spending must bear in mind four points

&Nbsp;   1, be sure to find a regular lender loan loans
    now to launch student loan product there, but rarely was a really considered formal, so have demand of college kids, on loan before the lender make a full investigation, do not trust others to sell.
    2, lending rates are too high do not sell
    University students on loan interest rates did not have in-depth, except that loans need servicing, some lending institutions on the use of the blind spot, let them step out into the "trap". So, I would like to remind: If you select a loan product, the interest rate is higher than four times times the benchmark interest rate of bank loans, you should simply give up, because beyond the scope of this loan, is usury.
    3, read the loan contract when signing a loan contract, loan, students must read carefully the contract terms, to ascertain themselves shall enjoy the rights and responsibilities, and to see if there is an extra fee.
    4, do not covet cheap
    the number of bodies in order to lure the student loan, will launch some gift activity must be calm, know that loans are not interest-free, even though the true needs also to loans fully understand, his tricks.

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